Workshop on XR Solutions for Smart Production (XR-SPro-2023) (Veranstaltung)

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Smart production is set to revolutionize the manufacturing industry by increasing workers' ability to create high-quality products and enhance the customer experience. Unlike previous industrial revolutions, smart production will enable a high level of automation, customization, productivity, and efficiency that has never been seen before. Augmented, virtual, and mixed reality technologies offer a wide range of capabilities to support workers in future factories and present information in more interactive ways. XR assistance systems promise to increase workers' efficiency by providing the right information at the right time, and XR is expected to have an increasing impact on production processes in the next few years.

The XR-SPro workshop series aims to create an open environment for discussing and investigating novel XR solutions for smart production. The workshop brings together specialists from various related research areas to create new knowledge in the research field. This includes the usage of spatial computing approaches for real-time data visualization, XR-supported remote assistance, and customizable training scenarios that let workers train from anywhere at their own pace. The workshop tackles novel applications of XR in a smart production context from different angles and creates new knowledge in the research field.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

● Use Cases and pilot applications

● XR-supported remote assistance

● XR training and onboarding scenarios

● Spatial computing in industry

● Hardware/Software support for smart production applications of XR

● Gamified XR environments in industry

● Interdisciplinary and intermedia approaches

● User Acceptance of smart production XR applications

● Real-time XR visualization of sensor and process data

● Tactility and physicality of XR applications in smart production
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