Formulation of a corporate governance index for banking sector: The GIB.X62

U. Braendle, Z. El-Abiad, H. El-Chaarani

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The purpose of this research is to define a new international corporate governance index for the banking sector (GIB.X62) based on 62 criteria and 7 internal performance indicators related to board of directors, internal audit, compensation, risk management, nomination, compliance, ethics, transparency and disclosure. The new index model was applied on 7 different banks from US, France, Spain, Italy, Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan in 2021. The GIBX(62) can be generalized and applied by the international banks to measure their corporate governance efficiency. In addition, the GIBX(62) can be used by shareholders, depositors and regulators at the national and international level to monitor the process of corporate governance practices in banking sector. © 2023 The Authors
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PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 8 Apr. 2023


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